Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My New Bed

I found the most incredible website a few weeks ago.  I definitely want to pass this along, so be sure to check it out.  Make sure you have plenty of time, because you are going to want to spend some time perusing it.  It's ana-white.com.  I can't remember where I was or how I happened on it, but it really got me inspired.  My husband and I were looking for furniture for our bedroom for the past few years.  About 6 weeks ago, we were out looking again, and still didn't see anything the we could (a) agree on and (b) that we were willing to shell out the money on.  This website had a bed that caught my eye.  My hubby liked it too, which was even more amazing.  :)

So, we decided to build it.  We loaded up the kids in the minivan and made an evening of it.  We went out to dinner and then went to Home Depot for lumber.  Of course, they didn't have all the things we needed, so dh ran to Lowe's the next morning and picked up the rest of the stuff.  He loved that it gave him the excuse to buy that air compressor that he has been dying for an excuse to get.  Apparently, it's was a win-win all around.  lol

Before Pic- Dh with a stack of wood and his new air compressor.

A clue!  A Clue!  Walter added his own mark to the headboard after digging in the flowerbed.

Footboard ready to be primed and painted.

Headboard and footboard primed, painted, and ready to go!

Assembling the side rails and slats.  We didn't like our bed frame that we had so we did this part.  Inspired us to make shelves for our garage since they were the perfect size.  But that's another project.  lol


And here is the final result.  We made a few mistakes along the way, so it's not quite exactly to the specs on the plans for the Farmhouse bed, but we were able to figure it out, and we love it.  The mattress is 32 inches from the floor, so it's much higher up than I anticipated, but we love it.  The room is eventually going to be painted a blue color when I can decide on just the right one.

The best part of this project was the price tag.  This bed is based off of one from Pottery Barn that is over $1300.  For the price of all the wood (solid wood, no particle board or mdf whatsoever), screws, brads, primer, paint, wood filler and glue, and sandpaper, it was just shy of $200.  We did spend more, because we had to buy the air compressor and brad gun ($200).  This is a tool that we have been wanting for a long time since we plan on adding trim around the house, and various other projects, so it was a well place investment.  We already had a cordless drill, miter saw, circular saw, carpenter's square ($10), and paint brushes, etc.  I imagine that you could build it with a hammer and finishing nails instead of the brads, but it would definitely take longer, and you take the chance of splitting the wood.

Next up are some nightstands that we are going to be designing our own version from a very expensive one that we like online, but aren't willing to spend $800 a piece on.  They will go very well with our bed. I'm so excited.  They won't be exact, but it will be similar.  The sides of the nightstand really reflect back to the headboard and footboard details of the bed.

Then it's our son's bed.  It's been so much fun.  It's so much fun to be able to build things from scratch and know that it's exactly what you want.  It's also so much better quality than some of the cheap stuff that is sold that falls apart so quickly.  Or bed weighs a TON!


  1. I love everything about it! And, I *adore* that chenille bedspread!

    Terrific job!:-)

  2. Oh my gosh - that is soooooo pretty!! You have further inspired me to make a bed-frame! We have a sleep number, and store bought frames just don't attach onto them. I never thought about making one! Off I go...to add something to the 'honey-do' list on the fridge. ;)

    Ya'll did such a beautiful job though - it is simply divine!!

  3. The bed looks good, great job.